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    Error 1088


      Hello to everyone.


      I am trying, by the wizard called Create Application from Database in flex builder 3, to retrieve data from a mysql database.


      Going through the wizard is ok, and it generates the adequates files.


      When I try to send it to my server, the pages load but some window pops up to tell me that there is a : connection error #1088.


      I have read all over the internet to find a cure. Sadly, no one seems to have the same problem (same error yeah, but not in the same situation).


      So I tried a couple of things, verifying the integrity of the different auto-generated files, paths, connection details .... and so on.


      Now i don't know what to do. I have not generated any code. It was all flex builder who did it.


      Also, I've read that this should be caused by a mal-formed xml sheet. I know that the php is creating a xml file for the datagrid to read. But I don't have access to that xml file, or do I ?


      Anyway... any suggestions will be received gratefully.


      Thank you


      Dominic Sauvé

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          archemedia Level 4

          The wizard based Flex/PHP solution is not ideal, as most wizard base solution are

          If you plan to work with Flex and PHP more often, you should consider AMF protocols. There are several mechanisms available, like


          amfphp (which isn't actually developped further but still excellent!)

          Zend amf


          The first steps might be a bit difficult but once you grab the idea, it's very simple, effective, fast and reliable!

          There is an excellent tutorial for beginners at http://www.sephiroth.it/tutorials/flashPHP/flex_remoteobject/


          Transferring data to and from PHP in xml format is tedious, time consuming and slow. Using remote objects, you can use amf serialization to simply send and receive typed AS3 objects to and from the server! Really, it's worth the effort!



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            domflexdom Level 1

            Great, thank you very much. As you guessed i'm new to this type of devloppement.


            I thought this was easier, but letting auto-generated code do the job isn't the smartest thing to do.


            Where I am really satisfied, is that you propose something instead.


            I will try this right at the moment.


            Thanks again.