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      I am real new to Flex 2 and just have a quick question.

      I did the http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/articles/flex2_php.html tutorial but what files do I need to upload to my website server? Do I just upload the .swf and .mxml file? I have the database already done but I keep getting errors when I try to use the application on my website.

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          Josh Johnson Level 1
          When you compile the flex app, it creates a .swf in the /bin directory of your project. Additionally, it also creates an .html file which is used for the preview. Include both of those (and the AC_OETags.js file), and you should be able to put that only any server. Off-hand I don't recall if the "history" files are necessary or not, but if it fails, try including those too.
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              Ahh so I am missing the AC_OETags.js file ...where is that exactly? I don't have access to Flex at the moment.
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                Josh Johnson Level 1
                it's in the /bin folder with the other files. Just look at the source of the .html file to see what files are being referenced, and then copy those to your server location.
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