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    Imported PPT screen shots look blurry


      I am trying to import screenshots from power point (2003) into Captivate 3.  The following post was helpful in explaining that you need to have each file sized the same:  http://blogs.adobe.com/captivate/2009/02/correct_dimensions_for_power_p.html


      However - I am finding when I import the PPT slides into Captivate via File > Import > Power Point Slides, the screenshots look very blurry in captivate and no where near as clean and readable as they are in the original PPT file.  The screenshots are of a software with a font on the smaller size and it just isn't readable when brought into Captivate.


      Any suggestions?  My current work around is to copy each screenshot from the PPT and Paste it into the Captivate file, the quality comes out OK this way, but it is incredibly time consuming.


      Any help is appreciated.