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    Newbie questions - Administering tests


      Hello all,


      I'm a complete novice with this software, and although I have done some searches on google and on the forum here, I am still not completely sure I have the answers.


      Basically, I have a business and am looking at the idea of incorporating a new system, whereby I will create my own tests and sell them to clients. I want to sell them individually, so if a company wants to test 100 employees, then they will have to buy 100 tests, even if they are replicas.


      Is there any way I can:


      1) Administer tests I have made with Captivate online from my website? Can the software help me do this?

      2) Can I incorporate my "tests credits" idea easily? In other words, is there a way to stop companies buying 1 test and then administering it to unlimited people?


      Basically I understand the way you can record and make tests with captivate but am unsure of the ways of using it for business purposed/administering tests etc.


      Any help greatly appreciated