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    Suddenly nothing plays in Premiere Pro

    Tim Zwica

      I have been dealing with this since Sunday morning when I allowed Adobe Updater to do its thing.  Ever since then Premiere has been useless.


      When I hit the space bar or press the play button nothing happens.  I might hear a nanosecond of audio and the video might advance one frame, but that is all.  I have tried simple projects with one measly dv file in the timeline.  Nothing, no matter how simple, can play in the timeline or anywhere else in Premiere.  BUT the same files run just fine outside of Premiere, even in After Effects.  Also, as others have reported, I can scrub the footage with no problems.


      I have already uninstalled and updated my video and audio drivers.  I have also run various Windows updates as suggested.  No dice.


      I read carefully and followed the applicable items in the much ballyhooed Kb405478 troubleshooting doc in the knowlege base section.  No joy.


      I did install 3ds Max 2010 in the last few days.  However I have had no problems over the last year while Max 2009 was installed.  I can't rule out 2010 as a culprit though because I don't remember if I had run Premiere between then and the Adobe Updater Affair (as it will come to be known).


      Yes, I hold a grudge against Adobe Updater.  A few months ago it damaged my registry and as a result, my 64 bit Photoshop is still inoperable.  I can live without that.  I CAN'T live without Premiere.  I have years of work and a lot of money invested in a short film that may never see the light of day if this is not resolved.  Please chime in with any thoughts or similar experiences.


      I would like to avoid a complete reinstall for three reasons:


      1. Several posters with this and similar problems have reported doing so multiple times with NO sucess.

      2. I am worried about what it might do to my premiere and after effects files especially those that are dynamically linked.

      3. I believe it is necessary to install the entire CS4 suite.  Once can't simply install Premiere.  Please correct me if I am wrong about this.


      very best regards,



      Some details


      Creative Suite CS4

      Gateway FX6710-01

      Intel Core2 Quad Q9400  @2.66GHz

      RAM 6.00 GB

      ATI Radeon 4800 series

      Windows Vista 64bit


      Also running Redcode (which had run perfectly for months) but this new problem persists even when it is uninstalled.  So don't go blaming RED