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    Folder Could Not Be Found Error - Please Help, Don't Want To Re-Edit EVERYTHING!

    KirstenShov04 Level 1

      So I just edited a huge set of photos.  I put them into a collection, then undid the collection.  But now when I go back to the edited photos in their original location & click develop there is an error saying ""this folder could not be found".  I can see all the pictures & the edits I made in the Library though, so I'm thinking they're still there somewhere.


      When I click on Library, it says they are located in G:\Lily\2010  (but I can't locate this folder G: on my hard drive)


      When I right click & do show in explorer it says there is no file located in this specific path


      I tried re-uploading the unedited pics from my camera into a new folder on C: & then right clicking on the G:\lily\2010 & selecting "find missing folders" & then selecting the newly uploaded unedited pics & that didn't work either.


      Is there something I'm missing here?  How can fix this so I don't have to re-edit all of these photos again?  PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!  Thanks in advance