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    Problem with timeline containing  70 or more clips.

    lucky martin13

      I have a problem with Premiere Pro CS4 crashing after loading and working with projects containing about 70 or more clips (MPEG4 format files). Premiere pro will confirm that all parts of a project have loaded successfully into the timeline. However,  some of the clips within the timeline show no content but only a green screen.  Play back of the project works for a short while but always ends with Premiere freezing up.

      Everything works fine until I get to around 70 or more clips in a timeline.


      Any help to solve my problem will be greatly appreciated.


      Computer set up:

      Premiere Pro CS4 ver 4.2.1

      Windows vista home Premium 64bit

      Intel 2 Quad CPU  Q8300 at 2.50 GHZ

      Ram: 8 GB

      Harddrive: Hitachi 1000 GB 7500 rpm. (Drive has three partitions)Graphics card: Nvidia GeForce GT 230