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    Standalone flash data application help plz


      I'll point out the current scenario of my problem,

      • Its a data heavy application
      • a rich UI is required
      • has to be standalone, not browser based
      • the application i'm building is leaning towards a statistical tool so it would be wonderful if i can use data representation components like 3D charts etc etc.
      • I have not decided if i wanna make this an open source application or not so one small feature i'll need help with is how to protect the application from being decompiled, if needed!
      • Obviously i have to use a database, duh, but what about a choice of database? any recommendations? if im trying to make a AIR application i can use mysql but its not as easy as using Coldfusion.
      • If i do use coldfusion, i would like to know when im releasing the air application, would the end-user need to install anything specific apart from the AIR framework? or would the packaged release version of the application be adequate enough for using the application still containing the database and the coldfusion components?


      Any kind of input would be of great help to me!


      Thank You in Advance! :-)

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          archemedia Level 4

          1. You should use air if you want it to be standalone.

          2. A published air file can be downloaded and installed automatically.

          3. You can even add update functionality. When a user starts the application which is already on his computer and you have uploaded an update, the client automatically shows an update screen! (very cool!)

          4. In air you can use mySqlLite which makes it possible to embed your database in the application, no online link required

          5. You can use coldFusion but also mySql. If you choose Flex/PHP/mySql, you should consider working with AMFPHP which is an easy to learn and very powerful technology! http://www.sephiroth.it/tutorials/flashPHP/flex_remoteobject/

          6. I don't know if air applications are that hack safe. Flash player doesn't have a good reputation on that part


          Hope this helps a bit



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            akash87 Level 1

            Thanks for the quick response. To continue the discussion,

            when you say the coldFusion is touted by Adobe heavily, what exactly do you mean?


            I'll draw a simple sketch of how i think i want the system to be :-

            1. Standalone application with an embedded database support.
            2. The Business logic layer should not be decompilable, which probably means it should not be a flash component. Yet i want the whole system to be ready thru just one installation,i.e, the AIR application installation.
            3. Oh and also, i found out something about BlazeDS, and i was thinking whether i could use that as a layer above the database and since its java its going to be hackproof. What i need to know is whether i can actually install everything in just one go when i install the final application!

            Thanks In Advance

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              archemedia Level 4

              If your're going to implement ColdFusion, BlazeDS and embedded databases, I can't help you further because I'm a Flex/PHP/mySql developer with no experience in ColdFusion and BlazeDS. I suggest you split up your questions and post them seperately. There are several people on this forum which will be able to help you on specific topics.





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                akash87 Level 1



                Ok, removing the terms ColdFusion and BlazeDS, how would you achieve the system i've written it? assuming theres a non decompilable database layer...