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    hide the _parent and yet see the "kids"


      i have a

      road and accordind to the curves

      of the road i palce trees on the two sides.

      i have a car, the car has to be under the trees (i hitTest only the root of the tree)

      but because the trees are part of the road (the road is the _parent of every tree)

      and the car has to be over the road, the car cant be under the trees.


      i duplicated the road and put the trees as kids of the copy

      so the lower mc is the original road

      over it i put the car

      and over it i put the copy of the road that has the trees as kids


      the problem is that i dont want to see the road over the car, i want to see only the trees.

      is there a way to hide the road but not the trees that are is kids?


      (because the car is made of a lot of pieces i cant duplicate all the pieces and make the copy with them.)