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    Inquiring about the frame of an MC

    FlashMonkey666 Level 1
      Hi, I'm resuming work on my game. And the question I have is, how do I figure out at a given point, where a MC is on its animation cycle?

      something like
      if (frame.player == 1) {
      //do something

      The reason I ask is because sometimes the player gets stuck on frame 1, and I want to push him to frame 2.

      Please check it out for yourself:

      game.fla is also available

      One second question:
      If I put script on frame 2 of the player's animation saying gotoandplay(3);
      the animation looks funny, as if it skipped frame 2, or went over it really fast.. Is this in fact what happens when you use gotoandplay?

      Thank you!