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    Send an "Are you sure?" question


      I have a form and can add or remove steps and the tasks that go under them but the remove takes the data with it and there is no "un-do". My people would like the delete button to say something like "Are you sure  you want to delete this task? Data cannot be recovered after it is deleted." and be able to click "no" or "cancel" if they have clicked the remove button on accident.

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          // form1.page1.areYouSureBtn::click - (JavaScript, client)


          var yesOrNo = xfa.host.messageBox("Are you sure?","Do Not Press That Button",2,2);

          if (yesOrNo == 3) {

               xfa.host.messageBox("The answer is 'No'.","Negative Response",3);


          else {

               if (yesOrNo == 4) {

                    xfa.host.messageBox("The answer is 'Yes'.","Positive Response",3);







          A valid string representing the message to display.


          A valid string representing the title to appear in the title bar of the dialog window.

          To help protect against internet spoofing, the dialog window title begins with the text "Warning: JavaScript Window -". The window title that you specify in this parameter displays after the warning text.


          An integer representing the icon to display in the dialog box.

          • 0 (Error) - This is the default.
          • 1 (Warning)
          • 2 (Question)
          • 3 (Status)


          An integer representing the buttons to display.

          • 0 (OK) - This is the default.
          • 1 (OK, Cancel)
          • 2 (Yes, No)
          • 3 (Yes, No, Cancel)



          A valid integer representing the value of the button pressed by the user:

          • 1 (OK)
          • 2 (Cancel)
          • 3 (No)
          • 4 (Yes)


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            gjohnso Level 1

            Awsome! Thank you.