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    Colorizing Active Script punctuation


      I've combed all the color settings I can find, and I can't get the Flex Builder 3 editor to colorize Action Script punctuation.  Punctuation remains black and I work on a black (or nearly black) background, so I need a solution.


      I've been through all the color types in in "Windows|Preferences|General|Editors|Text Editors", and all the colors in "Windows|Preferences|Flex|Editors|Syntax Coloring", and I can't find where to change A.S. punctuation (periods between class and member, semicolon at end of line, etc.) to anything but black.


      I've attached a screen shot to show the problem.


      Anyone know the magic button to push to get punctuation to colorize?

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          RUSH-ME Level 3



          Please set the background color to white so that punctuations will be visible. to change the background color goto window->preferences->genereal->texteditor->background color. Otherwise you can use the window->preferences->flex->Editors->syntax coloring-> default text to any color which is visible.


          Hope this helps



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            BRebey Level 1

            RUSH-ME's answer isn't right, but I've found the solution in case anyone else is interested.


            There is no such thing as "Window|Preferences|Flex|Editors|Syntax Coloring|Default Text" as RUSH-ME suggested.


            However, the punctuation color is in ""Window|Preferences|General|Editors|Text Editors".  Select "Foreground Color" in the list, then be sure to UNCHECK the "System Default" box and change the color to whatever you want.