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    Could not BER decode the CRL.


      Today when I go to build the latest version of an app I am working on (this is the 368th build), I receive the error message "Could not BER decode the CRL.".  This occurs during the signing part of the process, I can export an airi file, and when I try to sign with adt, this message is returned.  My cert should be good for a few more months, what is the source of this error?  I have not found much for information.




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          Joe ... Ward Level 4

          We've had other reports of this error. ChosenSecurity (TrustCenter) is having difficulty with their Certificate Revocation List server. Another developer contacted them and reported that they hoped to have the problem resolved soon. In the meantime, you can produce test builds on a machine that is disconnected from the Internet (this is not recommended for public releases).