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    Premier Elements V 4




      I know this is an older version, but it works for me.


      I am making a video for a friend, and have imported the clips from my video recorder.  The last clip was 5:34 minutes long, but when I imported the clip only 3:17 minutes is displayed. I went back and checked and sure enough the entire clip is both on my camera and the file.


      Where did the rest of the clip go, and can I retrieve it and put it into Premier?


      Any assistance would be appreciated.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Welcome to the forum.


          I'm still on PrE 4 too, so let's see if I can help.


          First, when you say that you:


          imported the clips from my video recorder.


          Can you please give the details, such as that you used the Capture module in PrE, and had your [make/model here] video camera hooked up via FireWire. What is your Project Preset?


          Now, I have had similar results, but with totally different situations, and actually PrE 4 "fixed" my issue. With some odd CODEC material, I always convert to DV-AVI Type II files. On a few of these, PrPro will truncate the files, just as you are seeing. In my case, if I Import those problem files into PrE 4, and immediately do an Export to the same exact format/CODEC, they then load fine in PrPro. In my case, I have never been able to find out what the difference is. They are the same size, and DupeFile Finder sees them as identical - yet one works fine, and the other truncates.


          To me, that indicates that PrE 4 is better with some problem (result like yours), than is PrPro.


          Maybe with the answers to the questions above, we can see what is going on. After we get those, there will probably be a couple more tests.


          Thanks for the info, and good luck,



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            tech.learner Level 1

            Thank you ever so much for your speedy reply.  I am happy to share that I downloaded a converter program that allows me to change the format of the files from my Sony DCRA C171  hd handycam.  The only file format it allows me to save is .mpg.  With the converter I changed the file to mp4.  I have no idea who it would let me import 10 clips, but not the 11th. Mystery to me. I was so desperate in that I was creating a video for a school play that they want to use as a fundraiser and time was of the essence.


            Appreciate your willingness to share your experiences.


            Judy Riddle

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              the_wine_snob Level 9



              Most often, when a certain number of AV files Import, but not more, there is a resources issue.


              First, take a look at the tips in this ARTICLE, for setting up an editing session.


              Next, when one Imports AV files, there will be Audio Conforming, that must take place. Depending on a lot of factors, this can be rather quick, or can take some time. Instead of trying to Import all of the files, I would break it down to say 5 at a time, and allow the Conforming to complete (progress bar in the lower-right of the GUI), and then do 5 more, and 5 more. During the Conforming, I would leave the computer alone and do NOTHING else, until done. How does that work for you?


              Good luck,




              PS - I completely understand needing assets to ask for contributions for charity organizations. I sit on the board of several, and offer my talents to each. Times are tough, and most potential contributors have seen LOR and now Avatar. They are jaded to high-tech. One needs to get the message across, and do it with precision. The message must come through, and heart-strings must be plucked with just the right pressure.

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                tech.learner Level 1

                That sounds like great advice. I am always in a hurry to complete projects, and the advice to do it in steps makes a lot of sense. I think you are right about the streaming, I noticed that when I saw the red bar on the tray and clicked it, the file was actually "catching up". I never knew it was called conforming.  Thanks for your guidance. I will continue to use the forum to seek out answers to problem situations.


                You are so kind to take the time to explain these things to beginners.

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  We were all "beginners," at some time in our lives/careers. Though I got a degree in cinematography many, many decades ago, when I started doing video editing, so very much had changed. When I took classes in video, it was only for studio feeds to a switcher for live images to TV, or to 2" video tape, for delayed feed. There was NO editing video then. That's why I loved film. Now, things that took days, or weeks, with film, can be done in seconds on my laptop out by the pool. How good is life?


                  Let us know how your Projects go, and if we can help in any way. Most of us love sharing, whether its for a "beginner," or an "old expert," who needs some aesthetic input, or a technical workaround. If we did not enjoy the fora, we'd be doing something elsewhere.


                  Happy editing,