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    RTMP over SSL (NOT HTTPS) problem

      Hi there,

      We are trying to implement scenario where Flex based client connects using RTMP over SSL (NOT A RTMP over HTTPS) flex documentation suggests it should be possible ( http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/201/langref/flash/net/NetConnection.html#proxyType). We are currently not planning to use FDS – we stick to custom solution, so the idea is to use a 3rd party SSL tunnel and RTMP enabled server (so server2tunnel – RTMP and tunnel2client RTMP over SSL).

      It obviously fails… we’ve put a network monitor in between RTMP server and our SSL tunnel… the trace is like 2 “dummy” connections that pass SSL authorization (we’ve checked our Stunel logs) but does not (NEVER EVER) transfer any data… Flex Client simply establishes the SSL connection (so no RTMP traffic jet) and then gracefully closes the TCP socket (Fin Ack,etc)…
      This happens 2 times and then There comes another connection from Flex client that sens some data over established SSL and the dumped data looks like an HTTP encapsulated RTMP (RTMPT)

      We don’t want RTMPT ! we don’t want to put RTMP over any other protocol than SSL!

      Now… We’ve checked the connection status of NetConnection and it’s either NetConnection.Connect.CertificatePrincipalMismatch or NetConnection.Connect.CertificateUntrustedSigner… The funny thing is that this events are rised before user reacts to the browser certificate popup ! There is no Connect or Fail on the connection once user answers to the browser challenge – connection keeps on hanging with only one packet pushed through (the one that looks like a http encapsulated rtmp)
      we know there’s a common issue with self signed certs but we’ve tried all the common solutions with little effect….
      (Self signed certificates was created with this instructions - http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/webforums/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=583&threadid=1242192)

      The big question – IS there such a thing as RTMP over SSL (no http in the middle) for Flex apps ? And if so – how to configure NetConnection to enforce it?