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    Can't get Adobe Reader to print statement from Scottrade on-line


      I have Vista 64 bit Home Premium , Adobe Reader 9, version 9.3. When online with Windows Internet Explorer at www.scottrade .com, I go to my account, account history, account statements and select January 2010 statement to view and a popup screen which should show my statement, but the screen is blank. This screen usually shows the selected statement in PDF and I can print it out. If I wait a minute or so a popup massage comes up that says: Adobe PDF Document. "There is a problem With Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again."  I exit try again and the same thing happens again. I have uninstalled/reinstalled Adobe Reader, restarted the computer and cannot get it to work.  I did not have this problem several weeks ago.

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          I have windows 7 and that same issue started happening to me 2 days ago when I am trying to view/print a pdf from the internet. Everything was working

          fine up until then. But I too am getting the message "There is a problem with Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again." I know this was a problem with an older version of reader. I know because I have vista on my laptop and about 6 months ago I had the same issue but I was using reader 8.0 and all I had to do was upgrade to the new version and it stopped. I have not tested this on my laptop recently to see if I am getting this same problem again or not. I have searched the internet for 2 days looking for solutions to this problem but nothing exists. Help from Adobe staff would be nice.

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            Thanks, maybe Adobe will give us some help!!

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              I have a similar or the same issue.  I have Adobe Reader 9.3 (includes Acrobat.com on Adobe AIR) for Windows Vista installed from get.adobe.com/reader


              * When trying to open a .pdf file online (in a browser - specifically IE8), it usually works the first time, but if I try another .pdf on the same webpage, or try the same .pdf a second time, the new window opens and freezes, the download bar does not proceed, and after a long pause (a minute or so), I get the error Adobe PDF Document - There is a problem With Adobe Acrobat/Reader. Please exit Adobe Acrobat/Reader and try again.


              * After I clear the error box, a new (and blank) instance of Adobe Reader will open.  This sounds like an issue of confusion regarding whether to open the pdf in the browser, or in Adobe Reader.  But this is not http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/401/kb401258.html because I have not used the Adobe Customization Wizard. It is also not this: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/405/kb405461.html but I will troubleshoot with the points mentioned nevertheless.


              * I too have just noticed this troublesome behaviour.  Recent Windows Updates have been applied, and this version (9.3) of Reader is also fairly recent.  This does not happen on my old Win2000 laptop also running Reader 9.3.  It has no problem opening multiple pdfs or the same pdf over again in IE6.


              * The strange part of this is that I have restarted the computer, repaired Reader, re-installed Reader, and each time the result is slightly different, but the consistent part is that it's not consistent.  I cannot consistently open a pdf in the browser.  Often I can do it once, but not again.  Is this a cache issue?


              * At the top right of this page, under Actions: View as PDF - the same thing happens, but I didn't get a blank Reader screen.  Inconsistent!


              Is this a Vista/Win7 issue?  One of the troubleshooting points in the second link above mentions running the Adobe installer "as administrator" but this is not a simple thing to do when downloading from adobe.com through their new Adobe DLM (download manager) which automates the process.  Gone is the file downloaded to your hard drive which you then run to complete the install.  Adobe should consider this potential problem with Vista and beyond.


              added:  When trying to open a pdf contained within an attachment in an online email account, adobe reader opened a blank window after I closed the error dialog.  When trying to open a pdf link within a webpage, a new web page window opens.  When the error dialog is cleared, the new windows displays "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage", but this is bogus as there is no problem with the internet connection.  I can download and save the pdf from the link, or if I deselect the preference: "Display PDF in Browser", then the pdf will open in Adobe Reader.  I hope Adobe and/or MS solve this issue soon.  In the meantime, I will use the workaround of not opening the pdf in the browser, but in Adobe Reader.  More useful anyway.


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                I don't have the printing problem but I do have a very similar situation that I believe is a closely tied to your printing problem.  I think the problem is in the way Internet Explorer or Win 7 processes the Adobe button action/script that calls for it to print or save the displayed PDF.


                I have a problem with saving Adobe PDF files from inside Internet Explorer 8.  I'm running Windows 7 Pro, IE 8, Adobe Reader 9.3, and Acrobat 9.3 Pro.  Reader is my IE 8 Add-On.  I can open the PDF file, click on "save a copy" either the icon button or go thru the File menu, but don't ever see the dialogue window that asks where I want to save it to, and of course the PDF file is not saved to my computer.  I click and it just goes null.  I've also tried the CTRL+Shift+S hotkey combo to no avail.

                I once saw a dialogue window that popped up that alluded to "going outside the protected mode to save it" and did I want to continue.  I've only seen that message window once and it was for just a split second.


                I experimented with Protected Mode.  I can open, read, and save the pdf file if I DISABLE Protected Mode.  ENABLING Protected Mode to come back ON resets and reproduces the problem.


                So, thinking it had to do with the Internet Security level, I cranked that setting down to the minimum but kept Protected Mode enabled.  The problem was still there.


                The workaround I use (until someone gives me a better fix) to get the "SAVE a copy to my computer or other location" button of the PDF to actually work is to:


                1. Double-click Internet|Protected Mode: On at the bottom of the window or tab displaying the PDF file.  This brings up the Internet Security settings panel.
                2. Uncheck Enable Protected Mode.  You are putting your computer at a bit of a risk... but you aren't going web surfing with Protected Mode turned Off.  Do not leave the site where you turned it off.
                3. Click Apply and OK.  Close your browser window with the PDF and reopen it to the PDF you need to Save.  If you are on a pop-up window or a second tab, you only have to close that one window or tab and reopen it.
                  1. You may have to log back on if you are working with an online statement of account.
                  2. Your browser should also show that it is "Internet | Protected Mode: Off".  A yellow bar at the top of the page warns you the Protected Mode is turned Off.
                4. Save the PDF as you've been doing all along until our software (Win 7 Pro U/G with IE8) started belching.
                5. After saving, repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 above with rechecking Enable Protected Mode, setting it to On.  Clicking the yellow bar at the top of your browser gets you right back into the security settings panel to reset the mode.
                6. Close your browser and reopen it.  Verify Protected Mode is reset to On.


                It's risky to disable the Protected Mode, but if I need to save a copy of a pdf file, such as a statement of an online account, this is the only way I've discovered how to save a copy of it short of printing a hard copy, then scanning the hard copy to a pdf (a digital file) for storing/disseminating it.  My workaround may also work for your printing needs.  Try it once and don't forget to reset the Protected Mode back to On.


                It's a nuisance, a real pain in the ol' sphincter, to have to do these steps but until Microsoft and Adobe have a meeting of minds and solve the problem... well, I gotta do what I gotta do.

                I've only had Win 7 Pro for about a week. It was working great when I first upgraded from Win XP Pro (clean install) and a day or so ago without any significant changes or alterations on my part it just started acting up.

                I posted this in Microsoft's Win 7 Forum as well so maybe one side or the other will fix it.

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                  I had the same problem, Reader 9.3.1 would not save or print. My solution was to install Firefox from Mozilla. Immediate success with printing and saving!