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    Contract posting


      I did not know where to post this so I hope this is OK.  A headhunter agency in Toronto is seeking a Live Cycle expert for a short contract.  She asked me to help her with this effort.  I thought this might be of interest to someone in this group.


      (1)  Sr Manager-(Adobe Technical Subject Matter Expert) contract for 10 days over a one month period(or shorter).

      (2)  Once we have the design information, we would ask the resource to return to conduct a QA review of the design.

      (3)  Work Location: 700 University Avenue, Toronto Ontario.

      Job Requirements:

      Please include in the requirements that there is a preference for and Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) who has demonstrated a professional level in proficiency with one or more Adobe software products specifically Life Cycle ES.

      Technical Outline:
      Designating specific intranet web sites as secure hosts for PDF files so as to disable new security features
      1.Assistance in customization wizard for building Acrobat Reader / Acrobat Professional in the area of
      A. Designating specific intranet web sites as secure hosts for PDF files so as to disable new security features
      B. Applying customizations to disable default out-of-the-box behaviours (e.g. accessing adobe.com for updates, etc). Does NHSS have documented what was changed in 6.0? (would equal that +++)
      C. Applying unique customizations to the msi to deal with legacy OPG applications, such as Passport mismanagement of GUID information.
      2. Recommendations on architecture for flowsheet conversion server, include options to use existing architecture with version upgrades and 1:1 replacements and possible upgrade of architecture to simplify process and reduce # of independent processes required (using lifecycle ES) , with costs comparisons.
      3. Recommend and potentially develop an application to restamp all flowsheets in ESM II and Control Docs with Reader Extensions capability for version 9 in the most cost effective , efficient and quick method possible.
      4. Act as one source for answering technical questions regarding making changes to the JavaScript due to changes in the API from 6 - 9.
      6. Act as one source for answering technical questions regarding issues that come up with other site's migrations issues (for example, sites that use the PDF search capabilities)

      1. Will the LifeCycle V8 be able to create PDF files with reader extensions that would work under V9. This would have to be confirmed with Adobe.
      2. Right now the PDF files stamped with reader extensions in V6 (using Adobe Document Server) do NOT work in reader V9. What is the next step?
      3. The Adobe Custom Wizard fails to correctly set the parameters for PassPort (Control Docs’ OLA launching). We register hack, what is a better solution? ‘Use of the customization wizard with enhanced security to disable most security features for a) our servers and b) our development environment. – Concrete examples required here to demonstrate solutions.
      4. JavaScript API changes, in particular privileged context and the necessity of using it with enhanced security set up as in 3 (But including other changes and workarounds)
      5. Using Reader Extension rights and management of changes to PDF files – best strategies.
      6. Lifecycle for Reader extensions (with respect to migration from Adobe Document Server) for a) installation b) use in batch jobs c) use w/ remote java interface.
      7. Migration of PDF plug-in from 6 to 9. a) the process of reacquiring a key for Reader b) changes to api
      8. Overview of host container and limitations / security issues.




      Jean Bradshaw

      Senior IT Consultant

      TekStaff IT Solutions Inc.

      (416 438 1099 Ext. 300È

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      Grayley McWatters

      Senior Learning Consultant and Instructional Designer