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    Flash Builder Hangs at Startup


      I've been running Flash Builder and CF Builder as plugins on top of Eclipse.  Periodically I have been having an issue where the IDE will hang during startup at Flash Builder's "I'd like to continue using this product on a trial basis" confirmation screen.  Today this started happening when
      I attempted to create a new workspace.  My old existing workspace still opens just fine, but the new one consistently fails 100% of the time.  I took a look at the ".log" file in the new workspace and it does look like there are some errors in the log.  The most suspicious seems to be this one:


      !MESSAGE While loading class "com.adobe.flexide.editorcore.FlexScopePerspectiveListener", thread "Thread[main,6,main]" timed out waiting (5000ms) for thread "Thread[Worker-3,5,main]" to finish starting bundle "com.adobe.flexide.editorcore_4.0.0.253292 [275]". To avoid deadlock, thread "Thread[main,6,main]" is proceeding but "com.adobe.flexide.editorcore.FlexScopePerspectiveListener" may not be fully initialized.


      I have attached the entire .log file to this message in case any wants to take a look at the whole thing.


      I am running:


      Eclipse Version: 3.5.1 Build id: M20090917-0800

      FB4b2 (build 253292) (plugin)

      CFBuilder (plugin)


      Again, this is only happening when I create a new workspace.  Anyone seen this error and/or have a solution?



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          Balaji Sridhar Level 2



          I have a few questions here:


          a) Are you able to still work fine with the existing workspace using FB4 BETA 2? Is your trial not expired?


          b) Are you able to create a new workspace in Java perspective?


          Can you attach the snapshot of the trial confirmation screen you are shown?


          Please mail me to balajs AT adobe DOT com the above details and we shall take it forward from there.




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            Cameron Childress



            Thanks for the reply.


            a) I am able to continue working in my existing workspaces, but cannot create any new workspaces.  My trial is not expired (see attached screenshot).


            b) Since creating a new workspace happens before Eclipse is open, I don't think that it's possible to open a new workspace in a selected perspective.  If there are specific steps you'd like me to take to open a new workspace in the Java perspective, let me know.  Generally though, it is my experience that the Flash Builder trial window will display on screen each time _any_ workspace is opened.


            Just to be clear, the steps I am using to recreate this are:

            1) Open Eclipse using an existing workspace

            2) Choose "File > Switch Workspace > Other"

            3) Create a new workspace by creating a new name


            Eclipse then closes and attempts to open in the new workspace.  This is where I have my problem and the trial screen appears to get hung.


            Note also that I am using the CF Builder plugin in this same Eclipse install.  As far as I know this is a supported configuration, but I thought I would reitterate that fact.


            Also - I do know one other developer having this problem.  I am going to point him to this thread and see if he has anything to add.


            Lastly, I realise you requested this via email but I wanted to reply here just in case it helps anyone else out who may be having this problem.



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              Cameron Childress Level 1



              I am interested in knowing if you were able to recreate this problem...



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                Balaji Sridhar Level 2

                Hi Cameron,


                We are able to reproduce the issue you have mentioned.


                I am on MAC 10.5 , eclipse 3.5.1, FB BETA2 and CFB 263215.


                Please report a bug in http://bugs.adobe.com/flex/ .


                Meanwhile I shall discuss with my team and try to get back to you with a solution.




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                  Balaji Sridhar Level 2



                  I suggest you to gain access to our pre-release forums so that you get to work on latest builds of both CFB and FB.


                  Actually, the integration between CFB and FB has been undergoing a lot of changes of-late and hence we shall be able to provide you the latest working builds.


                  Please mail to:


                  rkrishna AT adobe DOT com for FB pre-release access &


                  praveeng AT adobe DOT com for CFB pre-release access.




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                    Cameron Childress Level 1



                    I requested access to both prerelease programs.  I added this issue to Jira as FB-25955.


                    Anything you can do to speed my approval into prerelease would be welcomed.


                    Thanks again for your help.