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    Dreamweaver CS4 - FTP Troubles

    deco81 Level 1

      I posted something about this earlier but I've found more problems and have more details to include.  When I am at my office on the LAN I can connect to the FTP without any problems.


      When I connect from home I get FTP errors. For example I do a get or put and it will time out almost immediately (1 second or less) which says to me its not even trying to hit the ftp.  Then I keep getting dialogues saying "file activity completed" (even though there was no real activity), or "Timed out.... cancelling... " (with the option to cancel).   Very frustrating and there have been a few times where after finishing with my struggles I got on to the server to find the file I was trying to put is blank.


      I never have any problems when I connect with FileZilla, but its so much nicer using the FTP client in DW.


      Another thing that occurs is it will give a very annoying popup box saying that DW is interacting with a server and it just seems to sit there indefinitely, even after I disconnect the internet to try to get it to correct itself.


      I'm not using checkin/checkout and passive mode does't seem to make any difference.  I suspect the problem could even be outside of DW.


      Any suggestions?