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    Using Graphics to Navigate

      i would like to use a graphic to apply a predefined search or to apply conditional tags. This would allow users to navigate with a picture aiding them in finding what they are searching for. Of course being a newbie there may be better ways to accomplish this which I am open to, or it might not be doable at all.

      Any input would be much appreciated.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi Tide88 and welcome to our community

          I think you might benefit from a class on RoboHelp. I'm not being ornery here, just stating that you seem to have a misunderstanding of the way RoboHelp is designed to work.

          Conditional Build Tags are a feature that you use when creating the help file. They aid you in creating customized versions of a help file. Typically by excluding things. Where you are misunderstanding here is that you seem to think you may employ them after the help file is built. Perhaps in order to achieve some sort of a dynamic changing of views.

          The same goes for a "predefined search". There actually is such a feature. Most of us would call it the Index function. it allows us to choose any "search term" (AKA Index Term) and associate it with any number of topics.

          Hopefully this helps a smidge... Rick