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    Too many edits in multi-cam a problem?

    Bill MI Level 1

      I'm editing a 30 minute piece with 3 cameras and there are a lot of quick cuts.  All went well till I got to the 20 minute mark and the multicam edit window started lagging.  In other words, I'd push one of the 1, 2 or 3 keys to choose a source and the red border would take a noticeable time to move.  I'm not sure if the edit occurred at the point I hit the key or the point the red border moved.  I've got a new Win 7, x64 machine with 6GB and tons of disk, captured footage on RAID0.  Restarting PP and rebooting don't help.  Splitting the sequence I'm editing into two parts seems to fix the problem, implying when you get to too many edit points the multicam feature bogs down.  Anyone else see this?   Is there some tuning that might reduce this effect?