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    Importing DVD Material into PPro CS4 Not working




      I'm trying to import footage from a DVD (there is unfortunately no master footage available) and am having a lot of trouble.


      First, my system:


      Dual Quad Xeon 5335 2.0Ghz in HP xw8400

      32GB RAM D2-667

      nVidia Quadro FX5500

      10K RPM 320GB Main Drive

      10K RPM 150GB Audio Drive

      ATTO Celerity FC-42ES Dual channel 4Gb Fiber Channel

      ADTX ArrayMasStor (Ciprico systems) Raid 5 - 7TB Array

      Dual Monitors - HP 2408WFP

      Windows 7 Professional updated from Vista Business Professional

      CS4 Master Collection


      Premiere Pro CS4 has just updated this morning to the new build via Adobe Updater.


      The DVD in question is from a local tv station and is NOT a copy from a pressed master.


      Premiere will read the VOB files (VOB_1 and VOB_2) off the DVD in the D: drive, and will import the files, but they import as 13seconds and 15seconds respectively, and the footage is not all there - either black screen with partial audio or sporadic frames of the video.

      Original run time on the DVD is 13 and 15 minutes for a total of 28 minutes.  The VOB file sizes on the disk are 997MB and 1.1GB.


      I have pulled the files off the disk and transcoded them into .mov's, MPEG-2's, and AVI's using OJOSoft Total video Converter.


      The newly transcoded files will play normally in Windows media player, Adobe Bridge and After Effects (although AE has an audio conforming error that suggests low disk space - 75GB on C and 128GB on Audio, along with 5.4TB on Video drive seems enough).  Audio is set to 48khz and 16bit in the .avi files.


      I downloaded Gspot and ran the .avi files through that, and it played them with audio and video easily.  I can get the more detailed codec information if necessary, but it seemed odd that Bridge and WMP would play the .avi files and Premiere Pro CS4 would not.


      I would appreciate any suggestions - I normally work with MXF & RED masters and .TGA file sequences - but more often than not the little things that you do for people that garner big favors deal with DVD footage and other non-master origination.

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          TVPROS999 Level 1

          I should add that the transcoded files play at triple or quad speed when imported into the DV timeline (standard NTSC DV 48khz) and then are frozen on the end frame after about the 2 minute mark all the way to the end of the clip at 13 or 15 minutes.  The audio plays at the correct speed all the way through the clip.


          I've tried to transcode the VOB files into several different versions of .avi and .mpeg (2, 4 etc) in an attempt to get Premiere to recognize them.

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            TVPROS999 Level 1

            Posting this question brought up other related discussions, from which I was able to find a solution.


            MPEG Streamclip 1.2 from Squared 5 did the conversion from VOB to MPEG correctly, and PPro CS4 recognized it.


            Dave Helmly does, in his presentation, show a DVD inserted into the demo unit with the result being a full edit from the DVD source footage, which can lead to confusion given the amount of variation in DVD quality one is liable to encounter when 'presented' with the 'only available' copy of material.


            Thanks for the other posts leading me to Squared 5.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Glad that MPEGStreamclip worked for you. This ARTICLE will give you some background on the MPEG-2 files contained within the VOB's. If the VOB's are 100% DVD-compliant (very important), then CS4.2 will Import them fine. If they are not 100% DVD-compliant, then programs, like MPEGStreamclip are very helpful.


              Good luck, and thank you for reporting your success,