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    load XML > recieve data > display > refresh per [time]

      Hi guys,

      I am new to xml and I just read all the helps that are available in the flash and I've been reading around different forums too.
      Anyways, I think someone who gets around this kind of stuff easy could help me out so I have a nice clean start with it. All I need is just a very simple example how things works - which means I need the xml file code and the flash code.. tracing the values I need is enough.
      What is kinda foggy for me at this moment is:
      what is the best way to load this external xml file > get the needed data from it, like elements and attributes > display them (in our case just trace) > then refresh the data per 5 minutes for example (here I will have this file's data changed over time with php script so I need to actualize the data displayed in the flash from this file too)
      I've read people having problems with that but it was kinda difficult for me to understand because they didn't put all their code there.. so I will be very happy if someone can give me just a simple example of this all.. so I can copy and test it.
      Also I am interested to know how exactly people modify this xml data and then upload it back on the server.. I suppose this means that they change the dada in flash and they overwrite what is written in that same xml file, right ? And if that is so.. again.. how do I refresh the data in the flash after it uploaded the new data? Please make separate example for this one, I am afraid I don't mix them both up and don't understand what's going on..

      I really hope you understand what I need to know and I hope someone can give me a hand to start learning this, thanks a lot !