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    Audio attached to PPT buttons lost after publish


      I have a set of PPT slides which include some on-screen buttons that cause a sound to be played when they are clicked.  (I attached the sound via Right-click -> Action Settings -> Play Sound.)  After I publish the presentation and run it, the buttons no longer play the sounds.


      How can I have a sound played when I click a button in a published presentation?



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          I know that this is not the answer you want to hear, but using Action Settings PPT and then publishing to Presenter just won't work.  If not mistaken, I believe you're attempting to use VB Script controls that Presenter isn't equipped to deal with.  The same goes for Action Buttons in PowerPoint.  Those will fail every time.


          However, there are a couple of workarounds you could use...but that will depend on what you're trying to create.


          Method 1: use a flash .swf file to accomplish the job.  This obviously requires that you'd need to "program" some functionality in Flash to pull it off, but it can be done.  Quick heads-up here: do NOT code using Actionscript 3.0 if this is a path you're going to take.


          Method 2: another way to "fake" it is to use a hidden slide w/ your audio clip incorporated using the Import command from Presenter. Basic gist looks like this: you have your "main" slide w/ a button, graphic, etc on it....and if you right-click, you can choose "hyperlink"...which then can be used to connect your main slide to the hidden slide (which might contain your audio for example).


          Again, not the most ideal situation, but trying to use Action Settings is going to prove more frustrating than it's worth.


          Just my 2 cents....