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    Maximum compatibility ...

    km79 Level 1


      I want to export my project in PE7 - the size of the exported files doesn't really matter. But I want a maximum of compatibility. The video should be played back on nearly every PC. Thus, what codec or what export options should I use?
      What codec is available on the most Windows PCs?

      Thank you

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you want it to play on any PC, your best bet is a WMV Windows Media file.


          You don't say how you want to deliver it (on a DVD, over a local network, over the internet, hand-delivered to each computer, etc.) but that too could affect your choice.

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            nealeh Level 5

            Sharing it as a DVD gives maximum compatability across PC's and TV's. If you only plan to show it on PC's Microsoft's WMV format will be present in just about every modern PC built in the last ten years.


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              km79 Level 1

              I want to burn it on a DVD  - but not AS a DVD, means: a pure data disc with several video files in different folders. And I don't know the systems of the users of this DVD - assuming only, its Windows.

              And I asked, because in the past years I had a lot of video files, that I got from others - and in many cases, there wasn't the right codec installed or the file could not be read or was without sound etc. ... so, to prevent this, I think I will use WMV as export. Thank you :-)

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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                So long as you are talking PC's (no Mac's), then the WMV is the choice. You can then burn a DVD-Data (the free utility ImgBurn can do this for you, if you do not have another application). Now, whether any Mac's can play the WMV will depend on their OS's. More can do this now, but it is not universal.


                The suggestion of a DVD-Video (above) would allow any computer with a DVD drive and DVD software player installed to play, as an set-top player hooked to a TV.


                If one did need to distribute to Mac's, with unknown OS's, and programs installed, then the .MOV with the [Animation CODEC], would be a universal for that group. It is nearly universal on PC's too, but one must have Apple QuickTime (free download) to play, or one of the other players, like VLC, or MediaPlayer Classic HC to play the MOV file. The MOV [Animation] is getting to be universal, as is the document format, PDF, which requires that a user only download and install Adobe PDF Reader (free).


                Good luck,