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    How to Uninstall AIR application completely ?

    Selva Vasanth

      Hi All,


           I have created an AIR application and installing with badger, i can install the application first time. The problem is

      if i uninstall the application and try to reinstall it is showing


      "The Application Already Exist With This Folder Name"


      I am getting this message, its because of there is an empty folder of that application remains still in the programm files. That folder is not getting deleted

      while uninstalling. How can i delete the folder while uninstalling??


      I can delete it manually, but i cant tell all the users to delete the empty folder for each installation.


      Is there any possiblities to delete complete application from the machine after uninstallation.


      Kindly Reply Me If there is a way to do it programmatically.


      Thanks in advance