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    Some help needed ^^

    d0brin Level 1

      Here is the thing. On my stage i call a movie clip from the library (basically the structure of the file is form one xml file different entries are loaded in tables that are being loaded from the library on the main stage. and depends on how many entries in the xml i have flash creates this number of tables for the info). This MC is being exported for AS with Identifier = address_groupID and in that movie clip i have another one with Identifier = cont. My question is how on a varviable named dir to assign the location where my text fields are located. They are in the movie clip with the Identifier cont.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you are talking about the identifiers that you would use for dynamically adding the objects to the movie during runtime, that's pretty much their only purpose.  When it comes to assigning properties or controlling those objects once they are loaded dynamically, you need to use the instance names that they have been assigned.


          It is not clear if your inner mc is loaded dynamically or if it resides inside that mc in the library, but if it is the latter, you will need to assign an instance name to it via the properties panel, and use that to target it.  Similarly, assuming you are using attachMovie to load the outer mc, in that attachMovie code you specify a name arameter for the movie.  This is the name you need to use to target that.


          If what I've explained is entriely foreign to what you have, then you should show the code you are currently using to process these things.

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