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    Using ASP.NET security with WebHelp output


      We currently generate WebHelp and post the .htm files on a secure Web site. The security is handled by restricted NTFS permissions. We would like to change the security to use ASP.NET security (ASP.NET Membership to be exact) to secure the WebHelp files. Only ASP.NET (.aspx) files are managed by ASP.NET security therefore .htm files are not secured. Is it possible to change the output of the WebHelp files to be pure ASP.NET files rather than plain .htm files?


      I took a look at the CSH RoboHelp.NET examples, but they only open another window and simply tell the browser to fetch the appropriate .htm file from the Web server. If someone knew the URL, they could still get the WebHelp files without the help of the secure ASP.NET page.


      I’m hoping since RoboHelp is THE help authoring tool, this can be easily done from within RoboHelp. We are currently using RoboHelp 7 and don't see an obvious way to do this. Is this possible with RH7? If not, can it be done with RoboHelp 8? If we deployed a RoboHelp Server, would that do what we need?


      Thanks for your help!