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    Mac text input doesn´t work at all



      I have a form with several text input boxes that don´t work at all when i publish the .Fla file via Flash CS4 10.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.5.8.

      I can select them but when i try to write nothing happens as you can test at (Work in progress): www.serverprovider.com.pt/Valentine  ,clicking the button at the footer "solicitar catálogo".


      This issue doesn´t exist if i publish the .Fla file in a PC, wich i´m trying to avoid because i don´t want to change the fonts in the intire website.


      Already read other posts on the forum, tried the "auto kern" solution (static text>deselect auto kern>tranform to input text), but nothing happens.


      Thank´s in advance,


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          Luxophonic Level 1

          Hi again,


          Already solved the problem.

          Because my original file was being published in diferent OS´s (Vista, Mac OSX, Windows 7), i´ve decided to create a new empty .Fla file. After that inserted (copy paste) the content of the older one and then changed the font (from Helvetica Neue to Arial) in the text input fields.


          Don´t ask me why, but my problem was solved this way.


          Hope it helps you.