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    Problem with combobox data provider not being set

    Sean McElroy

      I have a page with three bindabable comboboxes as shown below:




      <mx:FormItem label="Sub-Division">



           <component:BindableComboBox dataProvider="{model.subDivisions}" id="subDivisionCB"


      name" valueField="name" selectedItem="{client.subDivision.name}" />





      <mx:FormItem label="Market Sector">



            <component:BindableComboBox dataProvider="{model.marketSectors}" id="marketSectorCB"


      name" valueField="name" selectedItem="{client.marketSector.name}" />





      <mx:FormItem label="Group">



           <component:BindableComboBox dataProvider="{model.groups}" id="groupCB"


      name" valueField="name" selectedItem="{client.group.name}" />





      Strangely the data provider in the middle combobox is the only on being set. No matter which order I place the boxes in only the middle one has values. The model is populated corrrectly but the comboboxes data provides don't get set? Any ideas?