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    After Effects Windows 7, Not installed in 64 bit section


      How do I know if  I am utilizing the 64 bit version of After Effects. It installed in Program Files (x86). Where Photoshop installed in the (64bit) Section. I am using 12 GB Ram and want to utilize as much as I can.


      In Multiprocessing Under "Render Multiple Frames Simutaneously" I have a Minimum allocation per CPU set at 2 GB with a max option of 2.8.


      Under System also in Memory & Multiprocessing. It says
      Installed CPUs: 4
      Installed RAM: 11.99 GB
      Total After Effects Memory usage: 9.99 GB
      Ram to leave for other applications: 2 GB


      I'm just confused why Photoshop was the only CS4 program to install in the 64 bit Program Files section and everything else was installed in x86.


      Thanks for any info.