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    Illustrator CS2 Download


      I am posting here in hopes that somone will have the ability to assist me.  A kind individual within my organization has thoughtfully taken our only copy of Illustrator CS2 for their very own.  I know, my fault for not paying enough attention.  Thinking I would simply contact Adobe for a download location so I can install the software on some new machines, I was not too worried.  Well, that was a mistake.  Adobe is not providing me with any help at all...despite knowing that I have proper licensing, they steadfastly refuse to assist me.  One operator even went so far as to hang up on me.  Everyone at Adobe claims that the software is no longer available.  This, of course is malarkey.  I can freely download any trial version of Illustrator dating back to the year 2000.  Why a company would  offer ancient trial version of their software for download and not support their paying customers is beyond me.


      If there is anyone out there who knows how I can obtain a copy of Illustrator CS2 (WIN XP version)  I would be most grateful.  I do not need anything illegal.  I do not want any other version nor do I have any plans on upgrading yet.  Since the unfriendly folks at Adobe refuse to offer any form of assistance, I am asking the community of real people for help.


      Thank you in advance for any assistance provided,



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          shunithD Level 3

          The CS2 Trial Version is available for download from the Adobe update/downloads site. If you have your serial number, you're good to go... apart from activation hassles that is. (The Trial and the bought are virtually the same. Maybe just the goodies lacking?)

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            mstarks1967 Level 1



            Thanks for the tip.  Unfortunately I have already tried to download and register those trial versions with my active license.  I went to the Adobe FTP site...ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/illustrator/win/ .  You cannot register them.  They expire after 30 days and the kind folks at Adobe were unable (unwilling) to provide any registration assistance.



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              MWHebert Level 1

              You will have to resort to desperate measures if you don't want to upgrade. Depends if you are pressed for time.


              Sometimes eBay has people selling discs only, but this is just someone selling their old disc after upgrading and against the EULA. But it is cheaper than...


              ...getting a copy of AI CS2 on eBay with transferable registration and eat the license or...


              ...find a colleague who will let you use their copy and use your registration number to install it, or...


              You get the idea.


              BTW- you can't use Creative Suite to install just AI from the cuite unless you get an upgrade/upsell version that only upgrades/upsells from a certain, older version of AI. Stand-alones and suites only upgrade or install with their own installation number, you can't mix them.


              On Second Thought- You might check a local Adobe or Graphics User Group and see if they might help, or subscribe to LEMSwap (Low End Mac Swap Group on Google) or go to LowEndMac.com for more ideas.


              Or put a plea up on Craig's List.

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                MWHebert Level 1

                I use to frequent a surplus software store that carried old versions of software. Got many a good deal there. Alas, he closed his brick and mortar store and went online.


                One that comes to mind that is online is http://www.retrosoftware.com.


                Adobe Illustrator CS2 for Mac is $419. Yes, it is pricey but as it's in an original box he can charge dearly for it.


                So an upgrade at $199 is far cheaper in this instance.