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    blank 3 sec slides

      I’ve just downloaded the trial for Captivate 3 and have been trying to create a new project by following the tutorials.

      I’ve run into an issue – nothing’s recorded for Demonstration, Training Simulation, Assessment Simulation or Custom modes. I’ve tried both manual and automatic recording types, but I end up with the same result: a white, blank 3 second slide (for all modes).

      Full Motion Recording works, but Captivate will always complain about “low resources”.

      Does anyone have any ideas?
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          sailorsim Level 1

          i've now managed to record, but only in 640 x 480 resolution, and only for one recording mode at a time.

          Here's what happens:
          1. i select "Record or create a new project"
          2. then i select "Custom size" for the project type
          3. i've got a preset size set, so i select that (950 x 595)
          4. i select the checkboxes for "Demonstration", "Training Simulation" and "Assessment Simulation"
          5. lastly, i'll click on "Record"
          6. after i've recorded what i need, i press the <END> key
          7. Captivate asks me to name the project and *.cp files are created for each of the recording modes i selected earlier
          8. There will be only one blank slide in each *.cp file and it has a 640 x 480 resolution.
          9. at this point, i will click "Record" and go through the entire recording process again. the recording area cannot be changed from the 640 x 480 setting, so i'm forced to use this resolution, and also, this only records for ONE recording mode.

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            I'm having the same problem and I'm sure others are as well. I specifically upgraded from Captivate 2 to Captivate 3 for multi-modal recording and I can't even use it? I have a great deal of faith in Adobe developers to fix this problem, but the question is when?

            You can change the size of your Captivate file after you get one blank slide.
            - Go to Project>Resize Project.
            - Deselect maintain aspect ratio checkbox
            - Key your new pixel size
            - Click Finish button
            - Record the simulation process by clicking the Record button on the main toolbar

            Regards, Kevin.
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              sailorsim Level 1
              Hey, Kevin.

              I was begining to think that i was the only person facing this problem. Thanks for the tip. That'll provide me with a temporary solution for now.

              I hope Adobe fixes the problem soon. One of the main reasons i decided on Captivate 3 was for its multi-modal recroding as well. such a shame it doesn't seem to be working for me :(
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                kev_27 Level 1

                When you record additional slides, does it work correctly? When I record additional slides (let's say a training simulation), it does not automatically give me text captions, click boxes, etc. (And yes I have made sure my Settings are correct before capturing). Does this happen to you? Or does it record correctly?

                Side note: It does capture mouse movements correctly.

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                  sailorsim Level 1
                  Hi Kevin,

                  now that you mention that... no, i don't automatically get text captions, etc... mouse clicks and typing are captured properly, though.
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                    sailorsim Level 1
                    i've gotten my copy of Captivate 3. the issues i faced in the trial version seem to be gone now. what a relief! hopefully nothing else creeps up.