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    Loop sequences


      OK, newbie alert!


      I've created a simple sequence that fades between 3 images.


      Is there anyway to loop the sequence?


      Imagine if you will that this would be a landing page,  or a portfolio, simply fading between a series of images and looping around to the start once its done.


      Am I missing something really simple here?



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          Please answer this question I want to do the same thing !!

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            Bear Travis Adobe Employee



            There is no way to do this properly in current versions of Flash Catalyst. However, it is possible to do it very nicely (and cleanly) if you open up your fxp in Builder and modify it there. If you are up for a little code tweaking, here's how you'd do this.


            1. Save your project out to an fxp

            2. Import the fxp into Builder

            3. In the main.mxml file, locate the action sequence you wish to repeat (it will look something like <s:Parallel id="Sequence1"> .... </s:Parallel>)

            4. Add "effectEnd="SequenceX.play()" to the Parallel tag, where X is the number. The new code will look like

            <s:Parallel id="Sequence1" effectEnd="Sequence1.play()"> ... </s:Parallel>


            This, or using something like FlashUtils.Timer is the proper way of accomplishing what you're looking for.


            You can mock up the same behavior using only Catalyst with the following hack. It's can be resource intensive and messy, but it'll get you the behavior you're looking for without coding.


            1. Generate a movie clip that's the duration of your action sequence. You'll want it to be as small dimensionally and file-size wise as possible.

            2. Import it into Catalyst, and in the properties inspector, set it to auto-play and loop.

            3. Click the movie and add an Interaction "On Video Play Complete" > "Play Action Sequence"

            4. Add the effect(s) you want to your action sequence

            5. Hide the movie by resizing it to small and setting its opacity to zero. It's now just acting like a timer.


            It's not really the clean way of doing it, but it might be enough to get you by.

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              ThisIsRamzi Level 1

              Hi I'm trying to do this with the movieclip workaround, but I have some questions.


              Should I import a swf movie, or another format?


              When I import an swf, where do I set the auto-play and loop? I do not see these options in the properties window. Where can I find these settings?


              Thanks for your help!

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                Bear Travis Adobe Employee

                Hi there,


                You can't use a .swf, you have to use a video file (.f4v, .flv). You can check out a more detailed discussion of the workaround here. If you need to generate video files, I would suggest creating one and then converting to the .f4v / .flv format via the Adobe Media Encoder.



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                  ThisIsRamzi Level 1

                  Great! It works now. Thank you for the quick help!

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                    I can't believe there is no way within Flash Catalyst to loop your animations from page to page.  It would be so easy to do within the timeline.  Just add an action transition to next page.


                    Dissappointed in a software that is seriously lacking features.