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    Rendering different audio/video than shown in the timeline.


      Here's a really odd problem.

      I'm using Adobe After Effects CS3 on Windows XP.  I have an edited short film.  It looks fine if I render and play it in after effects.  And if I use the export on the file menu that works works for exporting the video but the audio come up out of synch.  So imagine a video clip starts at 00:03:00, the associated video will play like it's coming from 00:01:00.  (I doubt it's a exactly 2 second difference I'm just guessing from listening.)  Usually I use the "Render Queue" for exporting though.  The real oddity is the render queue, it renders the audio and the video in synch but both mistmatched from what they are supposed to be about the 2 seconds back.  Anybody see this problem before?