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    Slice Area

    Bob Snow

      We are creating a page with Rollovers.  When you rollover the hotspot we are swapping a frame into the slice area.  Is it possible yet to have the slice area be different sizes for different rollovers or on different frames?  Sometimes what we need to display in the slice area isn't always the same size.  Is this possible yet?  Also is there a way to set a time limit on the rollover?  Lets say for example I would like the rollover to stay open for a certain amount of time before closing...is this possible?


      Bob Snow

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          Panos Zygopoulos Level 3

          Hi bob

          The slice area stays always as it is. It's size does not change. It's the images size that you should change to fit the slice size and then apply it to the slice.


          Use imagination on creating or editing those images. In order to create the rollover effect, the image can change a lot, so that the whole achivement looks complete.


          I remember a time limit thing for the pop-up menu in fireworks, but not for the swap image behavior.

          (i hope you won't use all these on a real web site)

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            Linda Nicholls Level 4

            That sounds like something you should be doing in Dreamweaver or Flash. Fireworks is not a WYSIWYG HTML editor. It's for creating images for web pages, and prototyping layouts rather than building entire web pages.

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              Bob Snow Level 1



              >>(i hope you won't use all these on a real web site)<<


              I have heard many times not to do this.  Why do you say not to use it that way?  I know there are disadvantages as far as crawlers not being able to see the text on the page which can give us bad placement.  What else might you suggest?  If you go to www.home2000.com you will see how we use the rollovers.  What might be a better way to do this?



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                Bob Snow Level 1



                What would be the disadvantages to doing it this way?  Would Flash be faster loading?



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                  Linda Nicholls Level 4

                  When you mentioned frames earlier, I thought you were referring to Fireworks states. States were called frames in earlier versions of Fireworks. Now that I've seen your website, I see that you were referring to html frames. That's a whole other ball game. :-) It's very rare to see a webpage designed with frames these days. Dreamweaver disjointed rollovers will do exactly what you want and will cause fewer problems than using frames for the same effect. Here's a video tutorial from Lynda.com on how to make them.



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                    Panos Zygopoulos Level 3

                    You are right, because when you export html and images from FW, search engines will not find any text to read inside your website.

                    If you want to go with rollovers, javascript is the scripting  language you should be using.


                    FW will not help you with this. Use Dreamweaver to edit JS files.


                    Maybe you can find some programs that will help you create some JS applications and effects, like rollovers.

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                      I see how wrong we are.  Can we use these disjointed rollovers and still get the same feel we have for our web site  as we do now?  1. We would like to be able to rollover our tabs and bring down our navigation as we do in our main display window and as we do with our different executable tabs across the top. 2. On our display window we would like to be able to rollover our display images and bring up a larger image in a select location.  It might be best for you to just look at our site (www.home2000.com) to see what I'm talking about.  3. Execute and control each tab that is selected by the Navigation on the left side. 4. Will the Search Box be able to collect data better so that we get a better position on Google Search.  It seems right now, search engines cannot get a good reading on our site because of the design.


                      We are definately considering redesigning our site.  And our concern is we don't want to end up doing things as we did with our current web site that we will regret later.  I definitely see the route you are suggesting is the way to go.





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                        Linda Nicholls Level 4

                        I think you should consider a complete redesign. Tip: anytime you need to instruct people on how to navigate a site, the navigation is too complicated. Navigation should be so intuitive that people can see right off how to find their way around the site. Avoid multiple pages within pages. It's never necessary to make thngs that complicated. Use one style of navigation - tree menu, tabs, or image links - but not all three. And get rid of the frames. :-) Search engines, as you have observed, have dificulty spidering them. Your navigation images can be designed in Fireworks, but the coding should be done in Dreamweaver.

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                          pixlor Level 4

                          Oh wow... I agree with Linda. You should re-design to something simpler and more conventional. There's an adage in design: if everybody else does something one way, you probably should, too. There are two reasons. First, if users can navigate your site because it "works like all the others," then they can concentrate on your content. Second, if they can't navigate your site, they'll leave.


                          Note that the "do what others do" guideline is certainly breakable, but you should do it deliberately and be able to state (for yourself) why you're doing something different and what advantages you expect to accrue.