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    Adobe Doesn't Want My Money

    aligned2009 Level 1
      I'm attempting to buy support for flex from Adobe. What a frickin' nightmare. I'm going to post this so hopefully someone from Adobe will get their act together.

      Need Flex Support.
      Go to this page:

      Can only buy Gold and Platinum. Can't do it through the site, that would be too easy. Have to call:


      Someone answers after 15 minutes. Take my customer ID, puts me back on hold.

      5 minutes, another person asks me the same information.

      5 minutes, another person asks for my information again, and my flex license number. Transfers me to 'enterprise solutions'

      Enterprise solutions tells me to call 1-888-649-2990. I explain been there, done that. They keep me on hold for ten minutes, and then explain that the manager verified the number is working correctly. Thanks a lot.

      I'm giving it another shot...
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          aligned2009 Level 1
          Second try. I'm getting smarter, I'm going to ask for IDs. Hold music is terrible. Starting on hold now.
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            aligned2009 Level 1
            Someone finally answered.

            ID: Paulo
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              aligned2009 Level 1
              Paulo indicating that it is a different department and I called the wrong number. 888-649-2990 is the correct number. I told him I called that number and I chose option 1, which is correct. He is going to try and transfer me over.
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                aligned2009 Level 1
                Paulo indicated I should go on the site and have Adobe contact me.

                Overall, everyone seemed like they wanted to help. The workflow is a total disaster. Too bad Adobe doesn't have a Rich Internet Application to coordinate their workflow. :)

                I'll update this when I get a call back from Adobe.
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                  aligned2009 Level 1
                  Request submitted, will update when I get an Adobe callback.


                  I already own Flex. I want to buy support, but unable to buy via online or the phone number listed on the adobe site: 1-888-649-2990. The last person I spoke with on the phone, Paulo, indicated that I should have Adobe contact me about buying support for my Flex product.

                  Once I submitted the form on the Adobe site, I got:

                  "Thank you for your interest in Adobe. Your request has been submitted to an
                  Adobe representative who will contact you shortly.

                  You can also contact us within the US and Canada by calling (888) 649-2990."

                  Nice ..
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                    bitwyse Level 1
                    LOL I feel your pain.

                    It took me two weeks to get a support contract. Over 50 phone calls and untold hours on hold and more transfers than a subway. I wonder if Adobe will pay me for all my time?

                    I finally was told to order it off the web site and a week later I was called with the appropriate information. They have one person who process the on-line contracts. She was on vacation when I ordered the support contract.

                    Way to go Adobe!

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                      aligned2009 Level 1
                      Wow, two weeks, didn't expect that! Based on that pessimistic feedback, I just bought the enterprise developer support online, I'll then open up an issue to upgrade to Platinum!

                      I'm like 10 minutes away from the semaphore, you think that would give me some leverage...

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                        aligned2009 Level 1
                        Just got the message that they called this morning. Almost a month!
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                          bitwyse Level 1
                          I tell you I am so disappointed with Adobe Flex support. After all the time and frustration to purchase support, I paid $1400 for the only support option they offered. It turns out it's email support only and the SLA response time is 3 days.

                          I've been working on a production problem for over a week now and could not get a phone call or escalation of my problem. Which is still not resolved. After numerous emails specifying my concerns and begging for a phone call and some help I finally went to the investor relations portion of the Adobe web site. Found several key executives and forwarded my emails to them. Finally, I got a phone call.

                          After my email to the executives and a phone call I finally got a phone call from the support manager. He explains the support contract I bought has the lax SLA's and if I need better SLA's I have to purchase a different contract. Oh and by the way the web site is now fixed with the option to buy that. I'm afraid to go and look to see how much that costs! Your thousand plus dollars doesn't buy much anymore. LOL.

                          I'm guessing Adobe isn't marketing Flex towards the SMB marketplace?????

                          Good luck with your support quest.

                          Me, I'm thinking of moving from Flex to Silverlight.