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    Enable Commenting on Interactive Form




      I am a bit of a newbie in javascript programming but I have been using Livecycle to design basic forms.  On the basic forms I created, I had no problem allowing the user to attach a file.


      Just recently, I created a dynamic interactive form that works great (I started the design on Livecycle 8.0 but just recently upgraded to version 8.2 that came packaged with the Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro Extended).  I have opened the finished form on Adobe Acrobat, extended reader rights, however, in Reader, it is not allowing attachment of file (basically---not allowing commenting).  [NOTE: I am using reader version 9.1].  I went back to Acrobat to make sure I did the reader rights enabling correctly and copied the complete message below.  I don't know why under the Note below it says that security permissions already exist that do not allow commenting.  I looked at the properties of the form on Livecyle and under PDF Security, both boxes to restrict document opening with a password AND restrict printing and editing of document with a password are both unchecked.  So it does not seem that there are restrictions.  I don't know why it's behaving this way.  Can someone help me?


      Thank you.


      MESSAGE from Acrobat when extending Reader Rights:

      The following features will become available for this document when opened in

      the free Adobe Reader.

      - Save form data (for a fillable PDF form only)
      - Sign an existing signature field
      - Digitally sign the document anywhere on the page (not available for XML

      forms; only supported in Adobe Reader 8.0 or later)


      Note: Security permissions already existing on this document do not allow

      commenting or signing the document other than signing existing signature
      fields. Once Reader Enabled, certain functions, such as editing document

      content or inserting and deleting pages, will also be restricted.

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          Steve L Walker Level 5

          As the message indicates, the Reader rights that can be enabled by Acrobat Pro are local save and digital signatures. Acrobat Pro does not enable rights to be added for commenting or attachments.



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            Charles Myers 4th Level 3

            Well, it's a bit more complex.


            Acrobat Pro does allow forms to be reader extended for commenting.  In fact, the rights include form fillin and save, creation and modification of form fields (including adding digital signtures), applying a digital signature and adding comments.  But there are two other things that can be getting you:

            1. You can't put comments on a dynamic form... only static or pdf artwork
            2. You can attach files to a PDF in one of two ways.  The first is an attached file in a comment.  The second is as an embedded/attached file (this is the file support that is now called portfolios).  There is a Reader Extension right called "additions and changes to embedded files" that is needed for this.  It is only available through the server-based Reader Extensions and not in Acrobat.
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              Steve L Walker Level 5

              Chuck is correct. My mistake. I am accustomed to saving dynamic forms and I overlooked the impact upon Reader Extensions.