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    NFL Type Scoreboard

      If any of you have gone to NFL.com (National Football League) on game day, and select a team to watch (my team is the Packers, by the way - the Pack is Back!!, sorry, couldn't help myself) you will see a dynamic scoreboard. Going to this link will show you what I mean:
      You can also see an swf component of it by going to:

      What happens is that when a team scores a point, or 2 or 3 or 6 the scoreboard for the individual team changes.

      We are developing a course where we want a scoreboard, much like the graphical look on the page referenced above (the actual score) to change when a person gets the right or wrong answer. I'm sure it would take a lot of action scripting and probably a lot of images for the numbers so can anyone direct me to:

      a. a tutorial
      b. a working .fla file
      c. anything that can help me begin to develop this functionality for our course
      d. a kleenex that I can cry into because no one can help

      Much appreciate any help.

      Thank you.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there's not much to do when the score changes are generated by actions within your swf.

          to start, use a dynamic textfield and update its text property when a user's answer is evaluated.

          before you use graphic elements for the score, you should search for a font that has the effect that you want: embedding a font is easier than attaching graphics of numbers.
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            clbeech Level 3
            I'm a Viking, so I won't be able to help you ... just kidding ;) congrats to Favre, he's definitely one of the all-time great QBs, no question.

            kgald's right, and it won't be too difficult to construct this type of functionality. One question I have is: are you wanting to create a 'live-time' updating type of system, for multiple users? or save the data for multiple user scores? There are several method of doing so, but you'll probably need to use some server-side scripting or possibly XML to accomplish this. just wondering.
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              MichaelLR Level 1
              Well, at least you got an impressive running back. Get a good QB and you're going places.

              Thanks for the reply.
              To answer your questions:

              It will be an online course where multiple users will sign in to take their individual courses. So, I guess the answer is yes, it will be a "live-time" updating type of system, however. It is only for one person taking the course, but there will be a number of people taking the course. In other words, it's just like logging into your web based email and what you see is for your eyes only and the scores you get are only the scores you earn.

              I'll ask you the same question I asked kgald in a private message.