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    .flv encoding help!


      Hi there- I'm having a very hard time getting any consistent encoding results using either Adobe Flash Video Encoder or the Quicktime Pro .flv export function.  I have several 30 minute 720x540 QT .movs that I'm trying to encode into .flv (at the same dimensions).  I'm needing the data rates to be about 350-370 kbps, so that my files are below 100 mb.  When I set the audio to 64 kbps mono and the video max data rate to 300 kbps, I was under the impression that the resulting combined data rate would be 364 kbps.  However, it seems that is not the case.  I've tried several tests using different max data rates (sometimes the default "low" 150 setting, the "medium" 400 setting, sometimes 200, sometimes 240, etc.).  It seems that the resulting files have random data rates (ranging from 305 to 450 kbps), that don't seem to correspond to my "max data rate" setting at all!  Sometimes the quality of the .flv is better at a lower data rate (a 310 kbps file looked better than a 350 kbps file).  Sometimes the exact same settings on the same .mov will yield two different resulting data rates.


      Am I missing something?  I'm just trying to figure out a consistent, repeatable workflow.