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    Dreamweaver CS4 hangs on images folder - please help!


      We are running DW CS4 with Subversion integration for version control.  Whenever we try to open the images folder on our local site copies, DW hangs for what seems like an eternity - usually 5 minutes - before opening.  I've replicated this behavior on both a mac and a windows platform.  On a mac at least, the problem goes away when version control is disabled.


      Has anyone else encountered the problem and resolved it?  We want to use version control but if we cannot end this behavior it may render the version control worthless becase of the performance hit our operations will take.


      Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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          AlexHck Level 1

          This post has been up now for almost two weeks and nobody has responded from Adobe.  I have also been working with Adobe support who have asked theat I delete and recreate the preferences folder and clean up temporary files.  None of these steps have worked.  The behav ior is strikingly consistent - delays of between 3 and 6 minutes to open an images folder, with exactly the same delay each time on the affected site, and absolutely no delay once version control is turned off.


          Is anybody else experiencing this?  Though I am willing to acknoweldge the possibility there could be config issues specific to our installation, this issue It has the smell of a bug within the version control setup itself.  I would ask anyone else using integfrated version control with DW CS4 to let me know if they have seen this problem.  Thank you.