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    Kill Server Communication


      Hello Everyone,


      I have a flash based website that has user autentication (three levels of user auth).


      My Actionscript points to the server and refers to a PHP file.


      However, once the authentication process is complete, I am still seeing the website, when viewed through an HTML browser, to still be in communication with the server as per the message found on the bottom left of my browser - "Transfering Data From...."


      Is there some code I can add to my login script, that will stop the communication with the server, once the user has passed authentication?




      loadVariablesNum("https://mywebsite.com/abc.php", 0, "POST");


      It constantly states "transfering data from mywebsite.com"


      What script can I add to ensure that it stops communicating with the server, once the PHP info has been loaded?






      Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.