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    Premier doesnt like MPG file.


      Hello all. I am having a problem with Adobe Premier Pro CS3. I was given video files off of a hard disk camcorder. They were in mpg format. (I dont have any options to get them in another format) I have been working on editing them, and the first three, with exception of poor quality worked fine. The fourth and final one is giving me problems. Whenever I am working on the file in Premier, the program just crashes. No error, nothing, it just closes. I am at a loss of what to do. I have transcoded with three different programs and countless formats, and Premier wont take any of them.(DV AVI, countless MPGs, etc.) Does anyone have any ideas? Is there a prefered program that will take this file and make it workable?





      Edit: I should also add that I have tried it on multiple computers, with the same results.