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    Paths in debug tracebacks - TMI

    trevorbutler Level 1



      I am using the latest FlexUnit RC1.0 (or the hudson build equivalent of it) and wanted to point out that too much info is being reported in the stack traces provided when failures or errors occurs in the debug Flash player:


      Error: Empty test Suite! 

      at org.flexunit.internals.runners::InitializationError()[E:\hudson\jobs\FlexUnit4-Flex3.2\wo rkspace\FlexUnit4\src\org\flexunit\internals\runners\InitializationError.as:50] 

      at org.flexunit.runners::Suite()[E:\hudson\jobs\FlexUnit4-Flex3.2\workspace\FlexUnit4\src\or g\flexunit\runners\Suite.as:172] 

      at   org.flexunit.internals.builders::MetaDataBuilder/buildWithSecondSignature()[E:\hudson\job s\FlexUnit4-Flex3.2\workspace\FlexUnit4\src\org\flexunit\internals\builders\MetaDataBuilde r.as:174] 

      at   org.flexunit.internals.builders::MetaDataBuilder/buildRunner()[E:\hudson\jobs\FlexUnit4-F lex3.2\workspace\FlexUnit4\src\org\flexunit\internals\builders\MetaDataBuilder.as:146] 


      Notice the "E:\hudson\jobs\FlexUnit4-Flex3.2\workspace\FlexUnit4\src" path listed under each entry in the traceback above.  This seems like information that should not be surfaced to users.  Not shown above, but I have also seen userids get placed in the paths when you have your work area under your home directory, e.g. C:\Users\userid\Flex-project-root.


      This is not a huge deal, but I thought that the community would be interested in hearing about it.