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    Presenter 5 to 6 - Massive PPC file size increase?

      We are long-time Breeze (now Adobe Presenter) users. We recently upgraded from V 5.1 to V 6.0. It seemed that the only difference in the PowerPoint plug-in was a name-change from Breeze to Adobe Presenter in the drop-down menu. However now that doesn't seem to be the case -- something may have changed behind the scenes.

      1. When importing audio, was the Compress checkbox there in V5?
      2. Has anyone else noticed that your .PPC file sizes are significantly larger if you were using V5 and are now using V6?
      By significant, I mean like what was a 15MB .PPC file is now 180MB.

      I did some testing and here is what I found. I'm curious if anyone else has observed this?

      1. Audio that is imported and compressed (using the Compress option in the Import menu) is 90% smaller than the original audio file. In other words, a .WAV file of 905KB results in a .PPC file of 56KB.
      2. Audio that is imported and NOT compressed is 45% smaller than the original audio file. In other words, a .WAV file of 905KB results in a .PPC file of 472KB. Basically, you end up with approximately the same .PPC size as if you recorded directly into PowerPoint.
      3. The Audio Quality setting (High, Medium Low) has no effect on the .PPC file size.

      4. Audio that is recorded directly into a PowerPoint is 90% larger than the same audio that is imported. In other words, the .PPC file of imported audio is 56KB while the .PPC file of directly recorded audio is 472KB.
      5. The Audio Quality setting (Medium) DOUBLES the size of the .PPC file. For example, the .PPC file for Low or High is 472KB while the .PPC file for Medium is 808KB.

      Audio recorded directly into PowerPoint increases the size of the .PPC file by approximately 90% at Low or High quality setting. The .PPC size is increased by 180% if the Medium quality setting is checked.

      Record audio at high (CD-quality) outside of the PowerPoint application in .WAV format
      Import .WAV files into PowerPoint and ensure Compress option is checked