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    runtime error

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      I am using the following code to get unique values from xmllist, But looks like it is going into infinte

      loop and giving #1502 error. Can somebody tell me how this can be fixed with out causing flash to

      give runtime error (Error: Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.)


      public static function GetUniqueValues(theValue:Object, theList:XMLList):XMLList {


      if(!theList.contains(theValue)) {
           theList += theValue;}
      return theList;


      This is how function is getting called:

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---------------

      var uniqueList:XMLList = new XMLList();

      var uniqueUsers:int;
      evt.result.getSignInReturn.signInArray.SignIn.(uniqueList = GetUniqueValues(EmpId, uniqueList));

      manageActivityLog.uniqueSignInUsers = uniqueList.length();


      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ----------------


      Thank You in advance