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    Premiere Pro CS4 CANNOT open FMLE h.264 file


      So right now I'm doing lots of POC work with Adobe products for and end to end video streaming solution.  I've been banging my head for a few days now trying to edit the F4V file with Premiere Pro.  Anyone have a solution to this?  its all Adobe, or No Adobe.  I'm not staking half a mill on a half baked mixed solution.  Any how below is the problem.


      I have FMLE 3.0 encoding a live stream to my brand spanking new Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS).  My FMIS records the stream using the DVR_Origin application provided by Adobe in their FMS tools section.


      Everything is fine and dandy.  I can connect to the stream, i can play it, i can rebroadcast it etc.... UNTIL I try to edit the recorded file with Premiere Pro.  Then all hell breaks loose.


      So I search and search and search and run into this thread  'Any way to edit F4v?' http://forums.adobe.com/thread/469127 From this thread it seems like this is a 'KNOWN' problem with NO solution.  In the thread 'HawkMultimedia' got an answer from Adobe telling him to encode using VP6 (effectivly saying he's screwed and cannot encode using h.264.  He has to use flv -- no MP4 solution for you fool!  HAHAHAH)


      Then I see this help doc http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/407/kb407241.html  This doc says use the F4V Post Processing (f4vpp) tool to 'Flatten' the F4V then Premiere CAN edit it.  Unless i'm dumb/blind and death, that is what the article says.


      So.  I use f4vpp.exe to flatten the file.  Still Premiere CANNOT open the file. BUT Moyea trial can open the flattened file AND get his, VLC can open and play the flatten file too.  You'd think that something encoded by FMLE 3.0 (the lastest and greatest) can be opened and decoded by Premiere Pro 4.2 (the greatest and latest), not by some 3rd party free trial software thats 2 MB.


      Can ANYONE from Adobe make this work?  Who ever wrote this article http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/407/kb407241.html please delete it or MAKE it WORK.  PREMIERE CANNOT OPEN H.264 FILES ENCODED BY FMLE 3.0 NO MATTER WHAT.  PROVE ME WRONG DAMMIT.  GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.


      BTW the support is horrible.  I spent all morning being transfered to the wrong department over and over, and I went full circle, I mean the guy who initially started the transfer thread, picked up the phone again, after like 10 transfers.  They keep saying oops sorry, you're from a big company who spent a crap load of money on volume licenses.  I can't help you.  Please spend more money.  We know you have the money.


      Some one, anyone from ADOBE reading this forum.  Research and answer please.  Why can't your products work together seemlessly?

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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          chuevang, this is a user-to-user forum, so this is not the place to attack Adobe and expect a response from them. we're all fully aware of the company's shortcomings in user support.


          OK, having gotten that out of the way, several users on this forum (including me) do love a puzzle, but i for one prefer to have a file I can fool around with. would you mind posting up a smallish pre-flattened file somewhere so we can have a peek? If you don't have a file drop facility, let me know and I'll lend you mine.


          Is it out of the question to convert the Flash files to something else prior to editing?