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    Please give advice re: Design view !


      Hi everybody,

      I have just started work with a company that creates alot of web sites  using Deamweaver MX2004 (in design view)

      I am only experienced with using code view(mainly in

      CS4 and notepad++)

      The problem is that any sites I make will be difficult for the other  people to change later because they are rendered so differently in  design view. ie: CSS rollovers and other layout stuff.

      (all my code created in code view validates at w3.)

      Please help!

      what do you think would be the best thing to do?

      Should I just take the time and learn to make sites in

      design view?,

      is this a common problem w/ MX 2004, would an upgrade


      or is there something else I should do....

      I'm really not sure