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    Echo Effect


      I just did a wedding and had the bride twirl and it was beautiful.  I'd like to apply an echo effect and have been playing with it for a few hours now and can't seem  to get it correct.  Can anyone walk me through how to do it?  Thanks

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          Matt Petersen Level 3

          when you say echo, can you unpack that a little? do you mean simply a repeat or two of the twirl mixed with the original twirl, slightly delayed? Or do you mean a multi-repeat slightly offset, a la Jackson 5 doing "Blame it on the Boogie"?



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            jeucu Level 1

            I'm not sure, Matt.  I believe it's the first one.  Ultiimately, what I want

            to show is the twirl and then a slight "drag" of the dress for 1 or 2

            seconds were the original footage moved and the echo is following it. I hope

            this makes sense.  Thanks

            Joe Euculano

            PTM Video




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              Matt Petersen Level 3



              take the clip of the dress twirling and set that down on Video 1.


              take the same clip from the source monitor and plonk it on Video 2, but slightly later in time... say .5 to 1 second.


              pull the opacity of the Video 2 clip down till you get a mix you like. dissolve into and out of the Video 2 clip.


              maybe add some time re-mapping to the ending portion of both clips to up the "romance" factor??




              go to Video Effects > Time > Echo, and tweak the parameters to get what you want (you'll have to ramp up the default time considerably)!!


              That the effect you're after??