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    Unable to Export to MP4 H.264 from Premiere Pro CS3

    natfunk Level 1



      Running APP version 3.2.0


      I am seeking to export a video that I have captured with a Flip camera. I understand that PPCS3 does not support import of MP4 files. To circumvent this I changed the file extension from Mp4 to M4V and it imported fine and I was able to edit.


      I've gone through the CS3 listing of file types that are supported for export and the documentation says H.264 f MP4 is supported, but when I go to Export > Movie > Settings > File Type and look at the dropdown menu, H2.264 is not listed as an option to export.


      Can someone point me in the right direction to export this as Mp4? I need to compress it for YouTube and they say that this is a preferred format. For some reason a 1 and a half minute video rendered as an .AVI was 350MB, which seems awfully large to me. Maybe the MP4 will be smaller?


      Thanks for any help you can offer!